Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Important Things Are Happening, Weirdos

First of all, I'm not convinced anybody reads this blog. Yes, there are some comments, but they could have been posted by me, while drunk. I take many drugs before I go to bed, because otherwise I have to think about my life. (The horror.)

You may have noticed I have been doing a thing called "Bino White Weekly." Each week I record a new song that horrifies children and leads women to swear they'll never date me. THIS IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. The songs will continue until I get a record deal or some common sense. In other words, FOREVER.

What exactly will be on this blog? Everything your heart desires. And Bino White songs.

In the meantime, did you know that not every modern day rapper is horrible? It's true! And four of the best ones have formed a group: Slaughterhouse. It consists of Joe Budden (Jersey!), Crooked I (California!), Royce da 5'9" (Detroit!) and Joell Ortiz (Mexico?).

Check out their awesomeness:

Move On
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