Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things That Happened On Lost - s05e03

Warning: This post contains spoilers for last night's episode of Lost, and your life.

Your life:

- You will die cold and alone, with no one to hold your hand.

Lost s05e03:

- Desmond names his son after Charlie. WILL NO ONE NAME THEIR SON AFTER ARZT?

- Oxford is full of terrible, terrible liars.

- Guest appearance by Terri Schiavo

- The Others speak Latin. Of course they do. And now all the Lost nerds will learn it so they can speak it at conventions.

- Bad ass chicks be holdin' guns and shit!

- The reveal for Young Widmore was pretty awesome. WILL WE NEVER SEE A YOUNG ARZT?

- The H-Bomb, nice. This time travel device is going to work out pretty well to explain things, so the obsessive fans can be disappointed as soon as possible.

- Daniel Faraday starts to make a move on Charlotte, and she spits out blood and collapses. Do girls have any other reaction when you try to kiss them?

- Jack heals people to make himself feel better. He wasn't in this episode, but if he was, that's what he would have done. Just to be clear: He heals people to make himself feel better. You know, because he doesn't feel good about himself, and he's a doctor? So he heals people. Because - never mind. I'll explain it again next week.

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