Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Angry Batman Becomes New Dance Sensation

After humans fell from grace in the Garden of Eden, God decreed that women shall experience pain during childbirth, and that it shall be gross. Then He decreed that men shall have to work for a living, unless they are on unemployment. Then He decreed that serpents shall have to crawl around on their stomachs, instead of whatever they were doing before. And then, to add insult to injury, He decreed that all of mankind's favorite movies will be remade, re-imagined or "franchised" through endless sequels.

The latest example is Terminator: Salvation, directed by McG, an obscure periodic element with a bright flash but little substance. Nobody was really excited about this, but then Batman showed up and made everything better. WE LOVE BATMAN. He's always saving the world, and talking in that gruff voice. We didn't even mind when he did magic or became anorexic.

But now Batman is angry, and has became an angry dance sensation, for the Gays. Does this change your opinion on Batman? Do you still want him to save you if you come face to face with Killer Croc? Because Robin won't save you. Robin can't even save his own dignity.
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