Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tom Daschle Going Back to Fight Crime on the Mean Streets of South Dakota

Tom Daschle has withdrawn his name to be Obama's Health and Human Services Secretary, where he would personally perform abortions and turn straight people gay. Apparently, he failed to pay over $128,000 in personal taxes. Like most Democrats, he was coerced into giving all of his money to Hillary Clinton, our Saddest American.

This is actually the second person nominated by Obama to withdraw due to tax issues. The first was Nancy Killefer, shown here doing an impression of Carrie making everyone die at the prom. Of course, two people constitutes a long-running pattern, so everywhere Republicans are touching themselves, mouthing "impeachment." Im...im...im...im-im-im-im-im-im-im-PEACHMENT.

This pretty much confirms that Obama is the Antichrist. What's next, will he nominate William Ayers to be Secretary of Our Children's Dreams? Will Jeremiah Wright be Secretary of Fun? Will the dog he got for Sasha and Malia eat them both? WE CANNOT TRUST HIS JUDGMENT.

Sarah Palin will be President in March.

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