Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodbye Chicago (In Three Days)

Friends, I have just packed up my life, and shipped it through FedEx. Now my soul is the hands of Heroes in shiny white vans, and my apartment is empty, like a sad little dancefloor, devoid of TV and computer. I'm not sure what people did before they stared at glowing boxes, so I enjoyed the silence for a moment, and ran screaming for the nearest computer lab.

Of course, I still have to clean my apartment. Much to my disappointment, it will not be retired, and someone else will move in. This means I will have to sweep the floor, which has a treasure's worth of change, though most of it is stuck to the floor. And I will have to wash the walls, which are full of dust, and bloodstains from my fights with the rats. Also, this is my last time to dip into the closet to visit Narnia. WHAT UP, ASLAN! My apologies for boning the White Witch.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah, I'm flying to LA on Monday, to live in a house in Hollywood. For the two of you that enjoy Bino White Weekly, do not worry! Tomorrow I will release Week 32, which is a collaboration with a friend from Beatbox. (You might remember previous Beatbox collaborations such as Sausage Party, Kick Your Ass With Science, You're a Douchebag and The Self-Deprecating Song.)

Wu-Tang Forever. And ever and ever.
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