Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Going, Going, Back, Back, To Fosston, Fosston

Tonight I am starting the long trip back to Minnesota, to stock up on lutefisk (and sadness). As you know, Fosston is a bustling metropolis, so I may not be able to blog. I will be playing basketball at the Civic Center, praying at one of the seven Christian churches, or standing in the middle of Highway 2, staring at the only stoplight. (It's beautiful.) Also, I'm not sure Fosston has "the Internet" yet.

But for the two of you that like Bino White Weekly, don't worry! I will be putting out the Week 30 song and slideshow on Thursday, just when you are recovering from the Lost finale. (Spoiler Alert: Things will happen.)

These weekly rap songs haven't been a substitute for having a TV show - mainly because I don't get paid - but still, they've been fun. And I noticed "Kick Your Ass With Science" has almost 17,000 views. MAKE IT GO VIRAL SO I CAN BONE LONELYGIRL.

I will keep making these for 53 weeks, so I can break Crooked I's record, and he can kick my ass (but not with science). And I'm hopeful I can find more TeeVee work when I move to LA June 1. (I'm not opposed to selling my body to be an extra on Chuck.)

Goodbye for now - and remember, I love you, in a very creepy way.

Current TV Hall of Fame/Shame:

Joe Gets Game.......................Joe Gets Dope
Joe Gets Female........................Joe Gets Pix
Joe Gets Goth...................Joe Gets Saddled
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