Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reasons For Lower Frequency of Daily Blogs

10. I'm packing for the move to LA. So far, I've put two socks in a suitcase.

9. I'm selling furniture on Craigslist. EVERYTHING MUST GO. But I've learned a two-year old couch sells better than a twenty-year old loveseat, that used to be white, and is now the color of sadness.

8. Weekly raps are time consuming. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

7. Drinking.

6. Applying for jobs. Writing, producing, hosting and editing a television show for three years doesn't seem to qualify one to do anything. I should have been a plumber.

5. Does anyone really read this site? When I was posting every day, there was like one comment on every ten posts. It seems like you DON'T CARRRE.

4. Drinking.

3. Nostalgia trips, to places I won't see for a while, like University of Chicago campus. (WHAT UP, WILLIAM RAINEY HARPER!)

2. Trying to finish writing some scripts. And pass Okami for Wii. But mostly write scripts. (In my head, while playing Okami.)

1. Drinking.
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