Friday, May 15, 2009

Taste Test: Pork Brains and Canned Sausage

As the summer approaches, you might find yourself on the deck with your friends for an old fashioned barbeque. The sun beaming down on your skin, a cold Chang beer in your hand, and the smell of pork brains and canned sausage wafting up from the grill.

What's that? You aren't familiar with pork brains and canned sausage? You've never drank Chang beer? THEN YOU SIR, HAVEN'T LIVED.

Luckily, The Onion AV Club has. And in this episode, you can see such characters as Internet Eating Sensation Dave Chang and Favorite Bro Josh Modell wolf the essence of life down their throats. (And the by the essence of life, I mean pork brains in milk gravy, canned sausage and Chang beer.)

Again, the video in the article was shot by Hassan and edited by me. It differs from the Jelly Belly video in that there are women in this one. Actual, real-live women! With make-up and boobs and everything! Wow!

The Onion AV Club - Pork Brains, Canned Sausage and Chang
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