Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things That Happened On Lost - s05e15

- Beating the shit out of Jack? This is how every episode should start.

- "They're not from the Dharma Initiative. They're from...FUNKYTOWN."


- Sorry Ben, now John Locke is Captain of the Weirdos. And you're nothing. Nyah, nyah, nyah.

- Yeah, I don't see Lost going down the erase-the-past route. Everyone's heads will explode. And that isn't good, for heads.

- Goode Family looks bade.

- I request a match cut between Young Widmore/Eloise Sex and Old Widmore/Eloise Sex. Thank you.

- "I need to see Jacob, take me to Jacob" - haven't seen this scene before! Is it too much to ask for Jacob to get Skype?

- I hope all my decisions aren't being shaped by the actions of my future self. Because if they are, my future self is an idiot. AND THAT DOESN'T BODE WELL FOR ME.

- "So, Sayid, what would you call a normal day?" "Well, I kill some motherfuckers, I kill some motherfuckers and I kill some motherfuckers."

- I'm still highly doubtful that the past/future on Lost will be negated. Although it would be cool if it was, and the final season of Lost was about how happy everyone was, after a perfectly normal plane flight.

- All these people in movies and TV shows, swimming underwater with their eyes open. I can't swim underwater with my eyes open. MAYBE THAT'S WHY I'M NOT IN MOVIES OR TV SHOWS.

- So, if I understand this correctly, they're going to blow up the island so it doesn't exist when the electricity creates a smoke monster? I don't understand this correctly.

- Something, something, something, Arzt.

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