Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Every Week On Entourage

Entourage is a show about adorable rich people, yelling at Gaysians and Jeremy Piven magically having hair. Some call it Sex In The City For Men, but I don't think that's totally accurate, because none of the characters look like horses. (Or frighten small children.) There is a sense of escapism, though. I feel that much less now, since I live in Los Angeles. (Maybe if I want to escape, I should watch Little House on the Prairie.)

Anyway, I just finished Season 5. Interestingly, it featured Vincent Chase as down on his luck, having to take the second lead (Gasp!) in a firefighter movie directed by Crazy German McGee. I was hoping Vinnie would fail more, slum it on reality shows and make a glorious John Travolta-like comeback in a Tarantino movie. Instead, Martin Scorcese swooped down to save the day, and lovingly spat half-eaten food into Vincent Chase's mouth. NOTHING SAD CAN EVER HAPPEN ON ENTOURAGE.

In testament to this, there is the above video by College Humor, which summarizes every episode. I'm going to keep watching, though, because of the Escapism. MAYBE ONE DAY I CAN BONE JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER.
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