Friday, July 17, 2009

Movies You Can See Instead Of Talking To Your Loved Ones - 7/17/2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I haven't seen this yet, which means I've dropped from a Level 3 Nerd to a Level 5 Nerd. But it's cool. I'll just up my rank with some Dune references - KWISATZ HADERACH BENE GESSERIT DUNCAN IDAHO. Whew! That felt good. Anyway, this is the 6th movie in the Harry Potter franchise, which has gotten progressively darker with each entry. (The last film will be slightly more happy than finding out you have cancer.) From what I recall, the book is epic and heartbreaking, so this shouldn't disappoint. If nothing else, see it because Emma Watson is 19, and you can think dirty thoughts about her without Chris Hansen showing up. Hooray!

Rotten Tomatoes - 85%


As a longtime Ali G fan, it's been fun watching Sasha Baron Cohen blow up, but not so fun to see fratboys quote Borat. (Eees nice!) Thankfully, Bruno is so in-your-face-gay that fratboys won't see it - or they'll see it and get ideas for pledging rituals. I could see it going either way. Regardless, Bruno might lack the surprise of Borat, but is hilarious in its own right, setting its target on stage mothers, the fashion industry and homophobes. Check this out if you liked Borat, or if you forgot what male genitalia looks like. (There are more dicks in this movie than on Clay Aiken's screensaver. Zing!)

Rotten Tomatoes - 69%

500 Days of Summer

This has all the hallmarks of a Zach Braff movie, but doesn't star Zach Braff, leaving me utterly confused. (Maybe he was too busy blasting The Shins. THEIR MUSIC WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.) Instead, 500 Days stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, who play the most adorable couple in the world. Joseph's character believes in true love, but Zooey's character does not, so they have a 500-day debate moderated by Jim Lehrer. Or he tries to win her back. See it to find out! I just hope he doesn't try standing outside her bedroom window with a boombox. When I try that in LA, the Crips take my boombox, and my dignity.

Rotten Tomatoes - 89%

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