Monday, July 27, 2009

MST3K: The Home Economics Story

One of my favorite television shows is Mystery Science Theater 3000, because it combines two great things: Terrible movies, and making fun of terrible movies. Also, it was filmed in my home state of Minnesota. (WHAT UP, MST3K INFO CLUB IN HOPKINS!)

I discovered the show when Princess Diana died in 1997. All of the networks were airing live coverage of her car crash, and this annoyed me, because I couldn't watch Saturday Night Live. I didn't want to see people mourn "America's Princess." I wanted to see The Spartan Cheerleaders! And Goatboy!

So, I ventured to the strange land of basic cable, landing on "The SciFi Channel." (Now you might know it as SyFy, the periodic element for sadness.) They were showing an MST3K episode - I believe it was Revenge of the Creature - and I fell in love. (I would never fall in love again.)

Since then, I've caught up on all the classic MST3K's, from Joel to Mike, and Manos to Mitchell, but one of my favorite episodes is where they mock The Home Economics Story. You have to love a video that promises "science classes even a girl would like!" and shows women operating blenders. Ah, the 1950's - when being sexist was adorable.

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