Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Restricted" Trailer: Funny People

This is the "restricted" trailer for Judd Apatow's new film, Funny People. I wanted to be in it, but I'm not funny, and I'm not a person. (WHAT UP, CTHULHU!)

"Restricted" means that it has dirty language that will ruin children's minds, forever. Thankfully, children are prevented from viewing this trailer by having to type in their birthdate. (If you lie, your computer will eat you.)

So, this looks great, like everything Apatow's done since Freaks & Geeks. And extra points for giving a guest starring role to The RZA! Let's get a whole movie where people from the Apatow Comedy Farm interact with the Wu-Tang Clan and Wu-Fam. Michael Cera, meet Ghostface Killah. Jonah Hill, meet U-God. Jason Segel, meet Shorty Shit Stain. (Though, really, who wouldn't want to meet Shorty Shit Stain?)

Well, I'm off to the outer shell of space to hang with Cthulu, Nyarlathotep and the Old Ones.
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