Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things That Are Happening NOW - 7/22/2009

- Obama is pushing to reform our health care system, but facing heavy opposition, since poor people deserve to die. Yeah, every other wealthy, civilized country has universal health care. But who cares? My health care plan is "Don't Get Sick" and it's working out great.

- Sam Raimi has agreed to direct a World of Warcraft movie. In case you aren't familiar with World of Warcraft, it's about people that look like hobbits wasting their lives. Raimi will direct it after he finishes Spiderman 4: Peter and Mary Jane Look At Each Other And Cry.

- That dog from the Taco Bell commercials died. WILL NO ONE CHECK ON THE HEALTH OF THE BUD LIGHT FROGS?

- Futurama may be returning without the original voices, in an attempt to inject the show with more sadness. (Maybe they can 'improve' the show further by having it take place in the present.)

- The tracklist has been released for Raekwon's highly anticipated Only Built For Cuban Linx 2, which means it's one step closer to not coming out at the last minute, due to sample issues.

- P.Diddy has pushed back the release date to his upcoming album, Last Train To Paris, but he's still LOCKING IN, Y'ALL!!! ARE YOU LOCKED IN?!?!?! LET'S GET IT!!!! YEAH!!!!

- IGN gave Wii Sports Resort a pretty good review, which is great news for those of us that hate being outdoors. When I take my shirt off at the beach, it's like the Ark of the Covenant. (WHAT UP, JOKES FROM FOUR YEARS AGO!)

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