Friday, August 14, 2009

Week 43: Craigslist Sex Meetup - UPDATED (AGAIN)

For the week of 8/9/2009 - 8/15/2009:

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The confessions of a submissive, body suspension artist and Furry. It's time to be traumatized, kids! (This is very different from Weird Al's Craigslist song.)

This completes the storytelling trilogy of love songs that no one cared about. I've been blogging pretty frequently for over half a year, with weekly raps, but still get zero comments on 95% of my posts. Maybe when the TV show I'm on airs in September things will be different? I hope so. Because this is just kind of sad.

UPDATE: YouTube took down my video for "having nudity." Um, okay. You wouldn't want nudity in a video called "Craigslist Sex Meet-Up!" Black bars ahoy.

UPDATE (AGAIN): Bowdlerized version uploaded. Let's hope the craziness ends here. Also, YouTube, what does it take to be featured? A jump-cut Webcam rant? One-man sketches with wigs? I'm been giving you gold for 43 weeks, YouTube. And all I've gotten back is a censorship request.

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