Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 51: Hot Mess (ft. Donnivin Jordan) (Produced by Miles Davis)

For the week of 10/4/2009 - 10/10/2009:

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That's what you are, girl. Sorry.

Donnivin Jordan is a comedian/actor/Black Man, who has appeared on Hell Date, Next and every stand-up comedy stage in LA. He is also one of the other cast members/hosts of Smash Cuts, your new favorite show.

And no, the zombie of Miles Davis did not make the beat. This is a different Miles Davis, who is a hip-hop producer and an audio mixer for several shows (including Smash Cuts!) His work was featured on Beef: The Series, and he was the headline producer for The Source Unsigned Hype Tour. (One day, I hope to be signed hype.)

My two fans may know that I am ending Bino White Weekly on Week 54, which means there are only three songs left. And Donnivin Jordan is the last guest appearance. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU GOT UNTIL IT'S GONE.

Check out Donnivin Jordan at and Miles Davis at

Collaborations with previous Smash Cuts friends:

Throw It In My Mouth (ft. Da Kalorie Kounta)

Watch Smash Cuts (ft. Julian Smith)

Shoutouts (ft. Optimus Crime)

Rap Superheroes (ft. Da Kippa)

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