Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sketch: Big Boy (plus Outtakes)

Recently I was kidnapped at gunpoint by a man named "Julian Smith," who forced me to be in an Internet Sketch Video. I am not sure why he didn't just ask me, because I would have done this willingly. I am also not sure why he took a lock of my hair and murmured, "That's it! The last missing piece!" But if you spend all your time wondering about things, you never get anything done, so please, take a break from your job - even if it is driving an ambulance or a fire truck - and watch the hit Internet Sketch Video, "Big Boy."

NO, I DO NOT REALLY GO BY "BIG BOY," AND MY FATHER IS NOT REALLY DEAD. I was playing a character named "Joe." The real Joe has long black hair, a walrus mustache, and is Chinese.

Here are the outtakes from the "Big Boy" sketch. I am not sure why Julian did not include our fight with the cave troll, or when his couch tried to eat me. But perhaps there are some things that are better unseen.

If you would like to see other Things involving me and Julian Smith, check out our "Watch Smash Cuts" rap video, or various videos on the "Smash Cuts" website. You will never find finer footage of people laughing at car crashes and skydiving mishaps.
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