Monday, April 25, 2011


A visit to a reality show convention. Yes, that's a thing.

w/ Joey Greco ("Cheaters")
Mark Cuban ("Shark Tank")
Eric Roberts ("Celebrity Rehab")
LaKisha Jones ("American Idol")
Kat Chang & Nat Strand ("The Amazing Race")
Ron Jeremy ("Porn")
Jim & Alexis Bellino ("The Real Housewives of Orange County")
Kasey Kahl & Vienna Girardi ("The Bachelor / The Bachelorette")
Peih-Gee Law ("Survivor: China")
Dr. Jason Diamond & Dr. David Matlock ("Dr. 90210")
Jessica Koussevitzky ("You're Cut Off")
Deborah Cloyed & Bianca Smith ("The Amazing Race")
Natalie Getz ("Bachelor Pad")
Marilin Archie ("She's Got The Look")
Cory Gunz ("Son of a Gun")
Shannon Sylvia ("Ghost Hunters International")
Bill, Anita & Ben ("Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files")

Thanks to:

Steve Royall, for directing and shooting, and forming an alliance.

Kevin MacLeod, for offering royalty-free music, and a rose.

Hassan S. Ali, for his useful feedback, and teary-eyed confessions about how much he's learned from this amazing experience and you haven't seen the the last of him.

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