Friday, February 20, 2009

Special Delivery: In My Life (ft. Bru Lei & JenEveve)

(produced by Noshess)

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This is an introspective collaboration with JenEveve, who rocks wild, and Bru Lei, who is Famous.

We started recording this in my Chicago apartment during the last days of 2008, before I grew my hobo beard. Bru Lei laid down a chorus, Jen and I laid down the foundation for our verses, and then we played Boom Blox and became friends forever. (Most of my friends are made through Nintendo games, because of my terrible personality.)

Bru Lei actually just released a new EP, Shroom Crumbs, which you should order right now. (And while you're at it, order some actual shroom crumbs, so you can get the full experience.) The EP is produced by DJ PRZM and contains a track dedicated to Jean Grae. BUT WHERE'S THE BINO WHITE DEDICATION TRACK, BRU-LEI!??!?!?!?!

Hope you enjoy the song. Noshess' beat is pretty awesome.

P.S. This could easily be "Bru Lei ft. JenEveve & Bino White" or "JenEveve ft. Bru Lei & Bino White." I'm just pretending to be the solo artist because this is my Web site. WHO RUN IT.
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